Featured Maker: Cassandra Liuzzo

Featured Maker: Cassandra Liuzzo

Cassandra Liuzzo is an artist, art educator, and the owner of Shelf Life Art & Supply Co., a new-and-used art supply store based in Greensboro, North Carolina established in 2014.

Driven by the inherent conflict of creating new objects in a world that already has an abundance of things, Cassandra has grown up to internalize her old Girl Scout maxim “Use Your Resources Wisely.” Many of Cassandra’s processes are based on inventing uses for old and found materials, often incorporating leftover bits of former projects, studies, and personal mementos, and gravitating toward using "natural" materials such as cotton, watercolor, and metal leafing.

This idea of re-purposing is further reflected in the mission of her store, which she considers her "biggest art project" to date.

Her works create an abstracted personal narrative, fondly referred to as “Indiscriminate Storytelling,” evoking absurdity, contradiction, and memories lost-and-found.

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