Shiva Signature Tole & Decorative Oil Color Paint Set Pre-Owned 11 Count

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Product Overview

Shiva Signature Tole & Decorative Oil Color Paint Set Pre-Owned 11 Count

Brand: Shiva
Quantity: 11 Tubes

Condition: Pre-owned, partially used, in original packaging

Shiva Signature oil colors are superior in brilliance, depth of tone and are the perfect consistency for brush and knife painting techniques. Their versatility ensures peak performance whether used as thin washes, glazes, impastos, or when brushed out. Shiva Signature oil colors contain only the finest quality ingredients in their formulation, and will not crack, darken or yellow with age.

Set includes:
- Cadmium Red Pale, 10ml tube, Nearly Full
- Yellow Ochre, 10ml tube, ~6/7 Full
- Prussian Blue, 10ml tube, Nearly Full
- Cadmium Orange, 10ml tube, ~6/7 Full
- Sap Green, 10ml tube, ~6/7 Full
- Cadmium Yellow Medium, 10ml tube, ~5/7 Full
- Alizarin Crimson, 10ml tube, ~6/7 Full
- Burnt Sienna, 10ml tube, ~5/7 Full
- Titanium White, 10ml tube, ~3/7 Full
- Cadmium Red Scarlet, 10ml tube, ~6/7 Full
- Ivory Black, 10ml tube, ~6/7 Full

Note: Shelf Life Art & Supply Co. used art materials are assessed for usability and quality prior to listing. Pricing is assigned based on quantity of usable material present, plus an extra discount for being a used product. Buyer should understand that product variations can occur, and accept all normal signs of wear due to age and use.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review